How to recognize a liar?

Posted by Samim Akrame on August 8, 2011 at 1:40 PM

We all know we are lying in one's life. Boast a professional woman. Even if someone does try it, I can not stop lying. He is lying about anything and everything. The number of women who have made appointments with them, work issues, talents, education, and in a word, everything. He wants his work with greater effect and impact on others.

Because anything that is lying, someone does not respect such people. No one can count on them and to their personalities is also valued. I have repeated these words over and over again: the word man.


Ability to detect lies


Deep down, most people there is a clean and unobtrusive. No matter how they try and lie that the so-called hair Lai Drzsh not open their eyes and tell all the facts. Eyes never lie, do not say. If you're a professional villain, their eyes never deceive anyone. So why would you bother to Andazyd vain?


I'm a liar than anyone recognizes. The ability to easily recognize the truth before I have nothing to be exchanged. Body movements are supposed to represent all the facts.


But if you're sure that they are lying on a clear day, you should quickly respond. This makes the person feel ashamed and embarrassed to stroke his own way in front of everyone just wants to look older. (After all this talk, however, that the day comes from a woman who boast themselves to be regretted, because now you have someone who brings shame to him?)


Sometimes it is better to show someone a liar just because of the implicit reasons for our accept Drvghsh. This makes him a little afraid and I say the future lies.


Some people do not know how to lie


Drvghgvhay people are generally more skilled. Why This is because there are always problems in stories. For example, if you leave, I feel refreshed the next day to get ready for work? That's because those kind of people do not have the ability to see the larger perspective. They do not know how to put on his cap Kzbshan why are my hands always.


I had an employee who reports for duty each week will provide me with research. Myzm on, every Monday, just hours. He was one day late, while nothing was in the room and told me a story made for the collection of information. Apart from having any excuse to get together (I was not about me, why not), he also told me Dvrgh.


Employee's place to gather for a week in North was engaged in fishing. Do not think that I can easily Dryabm truth? His head like a partridge into the snow and think that others do not see anything. His excuse was really unreal and unbelievable. I think I got something for young and active, but it fell from my eye and I m not a liar. He just wanted to behave like a man, but it was not capable. But let me not away from him before, but I can hop up to the front where he went?


Another staff will hand me a suit with the marking "ideal" a gift. I asked him if that is the principle (if I knew the brand of clothing is fake), but he said with perfect composure, and said essentially, "I bought it from one of Armani's wholesale and sell it to me because that Atmyan original material. " However, what I told my staff, I was stupid enough to wholesalers and the corollary principle that the sexes were not detected, the false identification seems to be a little difficult. Which is more likely to lie to you?


Yes, very good, you learn.


Admit mistakes, honesty


Some are too ignorant, mind does not work, your abilities are too high and think that it's located in the center of attention. They think that by relying on their own they can easily get rid of all problems, but their eyes are finally into the smoke.


When you say, lies not only in terms of value Atrafyantan disappear, but humanity is also destroyed. You have not told the truth, they all are well and deception. In this case, how can you expect others to take?


If someone is not going to lie that he's lying, attach labels and names are crying wolf over her. Everything will be all for you. When you are stuck in a situation where you have to get rid of a little imagination to disable it, close it and do not tell Dhntan. Ashtbahattnan confessed to lying to you and to everyone in your Jvh larger. Be honest and sincere people also learn to read. What do you see it any time soon at work in family life.


Remember that the Chinese are in a cycle time of day that everything returns to its original position? This is true.


Words and lies that are out of your mouth just like the sword of the enemy to you, so never give up a weapon in the hands of people who use it against yourself.


Lying to Women


An exception to the rule "never tell a lie", women are


If you do not tell lies convenience (as defined in the temple, the cooking, my mother's life ,...) can not get close to any woman. This is why it is false but because it is the world's different and has its own laws. No lie, it is likely that most of them are bitter truths. Remain between ourselves like men, but women do not have the ability to withstand all the facts. Their nature is such Srshth. It is better to take your complaint to God.


Note, it is a little painful, but true. This article is about meeting men and women, an article for an empowered and empowering you Shghlyst issues. Do not think that women should not be treated with respect and every way you want it. I just wanted to make it clear that rules the business world with the world, love is a little different.


Tips to identify those liars


Imagine you've been born yesterday and your name is "gullible" is. Here are some tips if you are lying to you so fast it was able to identify:


Eyes. Read your opponent's eyes. If they were restless and the pupil was dilated too is a sign of Dvghgvyy. If you would look at all the foot or hand and the eye was gone and never stare directly into your eyes I did not know that his is a lie.


If the mouth or other parts of the face.


Predecessors believed that when someone is lying in Bkharand your nose. I'm not superstitious, but never an honest man, his nose is not the time to answer questions, Fin Fin, and it does not scratched.


If this party and move it to the way you focus on the issue to interfere.


I make up words and then (maybe it was some time for yourself is not necessary in such circumstances it was the wrong pronunciation of words and repeat them again)


If only a brief reference to the case details and the same words are repeated several times to convince himself. I suspect he looks just like a lawyer defending the accused at the time.


His story is complex and somewhat distorted and it is getting confusing.


Constantly changing the subject of debate, asks the wrong questions and not responding to your questions.


Always on time, answering questions such as "Do not you trust me" are used.


Nfshan does not hear the questions. What? Within 10 seconds the way their ears are Msdvd? When they ask you to repeat your question, you can find the time to make statements Kzbshan foliage.


After a few days, so it's got to be (again, if you happen to be disabled, be sure to remember the details have changed over and over again) a few years later in the story, ask , then you will be faced with a variety of lies Tly.

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