10 simple ways to make exercise a habit

Posted by Samim Akrame on August 8, 2011 at 2:00 PM

If you want to make exercise a habit, try the following strategies.


Start a regular exercise program so that it is difficult to think. After all, many of us have to try more than one such program. But the problem is to follow the program. After some time, our initial enthusiasm subsides and other problems life throws our senses, or because they're not so fast, we get back from work. But there are many who do not and never lost their enthusiasm and motivation to achieve the convenience of the program do not Vrzshyshan. What is the secret of their success?

Diane Klein in a recent study conducted by the doctor, it was clear from the subject. Athletes who have long been the sport (those who exercise at least 13 years) were asked their motivation for us as they continue their training. These responses may be a cause Tjbtan. Many of the athletes most affected in their health benefits and exercise makes you feel good to have and exercise power.


Incentive to continue participating in this research exercise has been accustomed to doing:


Fitness and Fitness


Feeling healthy


Power and Energy


Fun exercise


Prioritizing exercise


Sleep Better


More awareness




Weight Control


Apparent problems


When you are exercising a form of income a priority in life, how can you be firm and steadfast in pursuing it?


10 things mentioned in this article you'll learn how to use it for exercise to make a habit. Doctor's instructions in this regard, Klein and experienced athlete and his wife, Wanda, were used.


1. Set of activities that you enjoy it. And remember, no law that says you must exercise to go to the gym or buy equipment.


Doctor in this regard, Klein says, "We've focused my regular exercise to physical activity."


A variety of activities - such as weight training, walking, running, tennis, cycling, aerobics classes - you will ensure that regardless of weather or time of day, you have enough activity.


2. Get along with people. Wanda Stevens, who is a housewife in Texas, says, "The social aspect of exercise is important for me. Sometimes I shrink from the exercise, but if my friends come to me for a walk, leaving you.",


He is a six-week exercise program is begun, it owes in part to support my wife. The Stevens is a management consultant, coach, he is at home. They practice together every morning, and a set of aerobic exercises, strength, stretching and doing. If the city is on the outside, I will be sure to phone his wife and his dog wants to go hiking.


3. Make exercise a priority in life. On exercise for weight control of the Air Force, he worked in the band began. In this regard he says: "When I went to visit the rest of the car and went to a restaurant and eat wings and drink, but I went and ran." Their exercise habits, even when he's 70 hours per week worked in the restaurant would continue.


Another benefit is the priority sports, friends and family members that are part of your identity and vilification not say "because it does not do the exercise?"


4. Do you exercise early in the morning. Wanda Stevens with two young children, could not find enough time for sports but casual. Much to her for a walk or going to a dance after dinner is ruined. But all excuses when he wakes up early morning before the kids and sports, it was resolved.


He says, "I never thought I would wake up early in the morning. It is very beneficial to me."


Experts believe is the best morning sports program. Klein says the doctor, "If you go to the gym, where it should be between your work and home. I go to exercise, take a shower and go to work will be very energetic.


5. Exercise or the way home. Next could be a good choice after returning from work to go Rzsh. Klein says the doctor, "I do not go home because it is more difficult. Few people know that after you go home and still be motivated to have clubs or sports."


6. Even when you are too tired to exercise. Khstgytan after exercise may be removed.


Klein says the doctor in this regard, "Exercise gives us energy, makes the body a deep breathe and take oxygen from the Tnadl. During and after exercise, you will get a lot of agility and vitality."


Wanda Stevens wants to get up and tell you that exercise is boring, it will not in any way to her womb. He says, "It is true that we are beginning to be angry after he sees how the sport will feel better."

7. If you get your work number. Write down the things that is important. This can be a time of day you exercise, the number of steps you walk, the distance that you are biking or running, etc. This is the amount of weight.


Some of this gain to the game. Many runners the distance between their home to Boston (the hometown of many famous runners in the marathon) and then measure to see how the average weekly distance run up to fill it.


8. Note to all development indicators. It is more elegant clothes in very good Tntan stand, or you can lift heavier weights or exercise longer without fatigue.


But there are other indicators of progress, such as:


Better and more comfortable sleep.


Can think clearer.


You will have more energy.


Understand that after helping a friend move furniture for the home, others can not get muscle pain.


Cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density, triglycerides, and blood sugar will get better.


9. Qdmsnj or walk a dog. Klein says the doctor, "If you enjoy walking and exercise is when you Nkdh, three days a week for 10 minutes, 10 minutes Vrsh will come to you."


Qdmsnj at least 10,000 steps a day and you can walk. Klein says, "No one day is not starting with 10000 steps. To see what your daily average and the week after should be able to walk 300 steps of it. Every week add to your step."


He continues, "It is better to go for a walk with your dog." Her sister encouraged her own way to walk. "In two weeks he is walking with a dog that is good for both of them."




10. Give yourself a prize. To what do you think it would be, do not deserve the award? Yaaynkh the pants zipper Jyntan easier these days to get the reward should be closed?


Experts say it is difficult to change behavior and create incentives to be awarded. After a goal and a reward for your efforts you take to achieve them. The prize can be anything, buy a video device that was never wanted, to remain stable Vrzshtan program for one month, or buy new athletic shoes every day if you walk 5,000 steps, anything to do Mknyd there is pain.

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