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Posted by Samim Akrame on August 8, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Success in Life


Those who are successful in their lives, these two factors are familiar. These two factors together you can see in your life?

Do you agree with you that most of us these days, equal opportunities and have the same potential? If you agree with us, the question comes to mind: If we all have the same opportunities and potential, why some of us are more successful than others?


It can be said that some people think the economy are better than others but nonetheless very well see that the zero (or even below zero) and it began to have great wealth. Some people have more education than other abilities, but nonetheless very well after years and instead Rfvzgy even a word, were able to achieve higher academic. We can say that some talent and more talent than others, but nevertheless with a very good decision, but with less talent have been able to achieve considerable success.


There are always exceptions to general rules .... but the thing is, I have a question, if there are exceptions to general rules, then the law must first be a law. I am a writer, writing novels and articles occasionally write about personal growth and development. Khyy research because I love my post is profound. What I want to share with you some of it is research, research the steps necessary to achieve the success of our shows.


What I found is that successful people, with some characteristics of their excellent start. I believe that having these features, so it is vital for success if it does, you'll never be successful.


Many people have little success in achieving these two problems are forgotten. Rvshntan let me ...


Those who are successful - they have to live - before their efforts to achieve success, they know what they want. Goal for them is clear. They know what they want and just use the opportunities that are closer to their goal. And the following features ...


Those who are successful in their lives as well as the way that the target is over, they know what they want to become. Their past to shape their future use, the things that are necessary to keep and what to throw away their pain was not.


If anyone can be an obstacle to your success?


I doubt that?

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